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Who Are We?

Alo Translate is a new generation language services provider developed and designed as a result of many years of experience in the translation and language services industry. Our company, which operates in all areas of the translation and language services ecosystem with its offices in Turkey and England, provides services globally with its outstanding features such as online payment system, controlled translation process and always accessibility, and produces solutions tailored to the demands of its customers. As a company that always prioritizes customer satisfaction and carries out its operations in this direction, it improves the services it offers day by day by using the possibilities of technology.

Why Us?

As Alo Translate, we offer tailor-made services for all your translation needs with the mission of being a language services provider that distinguishes itself from its competitors with its features such as quality and controlled translation service, easy quotation and reliable payment system and 24/7 accessibility. We always give priority to customer satisfaction and the returns of our customers, and we provide you with the opportunity to follow the status of your order with a perspective that is constantly learning and open to change and development. By working with translators who are experts and experienced in their fields, we reduce the risk of error in the translation services we offer to zero.

We Create Solutions

As Alo Translate, we provide a hassle-free service with our capacity to produce special solutions for all the requests of our customers in the field of translation and language services, and with the right translation process planning, thanks to our long years of experience and knowledge in the sector. In this direction, we develop tailor-made solutions for your needs at all stages of the translation process, with our experienced and expert translators and our project management team that you can communicate with 24/7.

We Care About Data Protection

As Alo Translate, we carry out all our translation processes in accordance with internationally accepted standards, give full assurance to our customers about data privacy and security, and store and protect all your data as required by international and local laws. As a company that is aware of the importance of data security and privacy in the technology era we live in, we show the necessary care and sensitivity to both your corporate and personal data.

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