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Globalization has become a process that cannot be ignored in the current century’s conditions. Many people are now familiar with the phenomenon and concept of globalization, which is reflected in every aspect of daily life, from trade to education, from health services to cultural activities. In every step to be taken in this direction, every institution and individual, including local businesses, should take this fact into account. One of the fields directly affected by globalization is translation studies. These two areas, which feed each other by influencing each other in a reciprocal relationship, can also provide great benefits on a local and regional scale. In this way, it becomes possible to both universalize and strengthen on a local scale.

What is Globalization?

Globalization is a term that corresponds to its English original and the literal English translation of the concept of “globalization”. This concept, which can also be expressed as globalization, has become more and more important in recent years. Globalization, the effects of which started to be seen in the second half of the 21st century, continued unabated in the 21st century and has progressed to become a standard principle today. Globalization brings with it a multilingual world, it has paved the way for the necessity of learning even local and less spoken languages on the other side of the world, as well as the emergence of certain languages. In this direction, the global communication network has expanded and the necessity of language learning has increased the need for translation services. Progress and specialization in the translation industry, which has become a necessity with globalization, have become the prerequisite for surviving in this process.

Globalization and Translation Service 

Translation services can be traced back to a very old date in human history. On the other hand, the need for translation increased day by day after the processes of statehood, the Industrial Revolution and industrial developments. Although it was a need observed in previous centuries, the need for translation, which could be met with limited resources, necessitated the spread of translation science in the last century. In this direction, the necessity of using the global language in fields such as universal trade and marketing brought along the necessity of translation. Developments in translation services fed globalization, and the progress of globalization fed the progress in the science of translation. Today, these two phenomena are in a reciprocal relationship that cannot be evaluated separately from each other. At this point, as Alo Translate, which offers translation services with this awareness, we are aware of the globalization process of your company and we are trying to offer a complete translation service.

After the transition to the global society, there is not a single sector that remains limited on a local scale. Book translations, foreign series and songs are examples of globalization in the cultural field. Tourism, on the other hand, continues to exist as another globalizing area. Konu ticarete geldiğinde, firmanın iş yaptığı alan ne olursa olsun bir noktada uluslararası arena ile kesişme kaçınılmaz. At this point, the translation service is a key element in the continuation of the business. A successful and complete translation meets the necessary communication needs, helping to promote companies and develop cooperation in both the marketing and advertising industry.Globalization

Frequently Asked Questions

Alo Translate which conducts its operations in accordance with the requirements of ISO 27001 Data Security Management System (BGYS) Standard, provides secure and safe translation services in accordance with the principles of high-quality and professionalism at all steps of the translation.

In addition to the traditional working hours, we provide translation services 24/7 through our communication channels for our global customers. It is one of our corporate priorities to be accessible at all times.

Our corporation has 17100:2015 Translation Services high-quality System, 9001:2015 high-quality Management System and 10002:2014 Customer Satisfaction Management System certificates and provides high-quality globalization and translation services according to these standards.

We monitor all the processes for your translation requests requiring notary, apostille (annotation of ratification), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy and Consulate approvals and we provide our services as your solution partner.

In addition to the primary areas offered in this industry such as legal, technical, medical, academic, literary, and commercial translations, we provide globalization services for all sub-areas of the industry and create specific solutions for your requests.

We also provide globalization services in languages that are spoken less frequently and that are less demanding in translation, especially in the most widely spoken languages in the world.

In addition to the option of payment with credit card after you place an order through the send file module located in our website, you can also pay for translation services through secure payment channels such as EFT, transfer, mailorder, Western Union, Payoneer after contacting us.

By clicking on the “Receive Offer Now” button located on the homepage of our website and uploading your file, you can view the price for your order after choosing language pairs, as well as contacting us through the communication channels located on our website (e-mail, phone, WhatsApp, Customer Services, vb.) and sending your file to us, you can receive information about globalization price and duration.

Before placing an order, you can request a trial of translation for a section of your file up to 100 words.

Our company which provides its services globally, evaluates freelance translator applications and recruits translators who succeed in trial period. You can fill the required areas on our Human Resources page and send your CV to apply for a freelance translator position.

For documents that you upload to our system and sent to us through our communication channels, calculations are conducted in accordance with the language pair and word count and translation price is designated accordingly. Your requests such as sworn translation approval, notary approval, ministry approval, embassy approval and others, are evaluated separately. Your online and verbal translation requests such as consecutive, simultaneous and video conference translations are evaluated depending on the duration, scope and context of the work.

Alo Translate is a member of the International Translators Federation (ULÇEF) and ANKAÇED Translators Association.