Is translation theory a prequisite?

Prior to it being accepted as a scientific field, a lot theories were developed for translation, many methods applied and significant number of opinions were presented. While translation studies continue to operate as an esteemed scientific field, how suitable it is to apply the scientific approaches to every translation work, and act accordingly? Of course, it is not possible to deny the scientific facts, however, it may not always be required to know scientific theories and apply them for commercial, short-termed, procedural documents. For example, a residence certificate or a criminal record are procedural documents automatically issued by a system. Today, there are a lot of documents containing minor variations and produced by various softwares. It is not at all unacceptable to not look for scientific efficiency for the translation of these standard documents. Each professional translation corporation has its archives including such documents and, in accordance with the fact that there are a lot of demands for such documents concerning international processes, this makes the translation process smoother and better.

The value produced by translation corporations is the result of a collective experience and thus, it is possible to develop the translation process based on practically and requirements. This situation must not be interpreted as the denial of translation studies, this is just a small portion of the works. While receiving translation services, this experience infrastructure ensures professional corporations to provide suitable offers for their customers. Of course, this does not decrease the responsibility regarding requested documents. Accordingly, translation prices are designated per their risks and service process is prepared in the most suitable fashion. Working with such translation corporations ensures that you save time and your works are not hindered by any delays. What is important and what provides the balance is that, is to designate and work with translation corporations with standardized translation processes. As they protect you from potential damages, their works are also guaranteed, it allows you to progress easily. As a result, the experience and theory have both their respective places.