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In the normal translation process, the exact equivalents in the dictionary to be translated from the source language to the target language are taken into account. The meaning and discourse of the words here is completely faithful. It is the process of adapting a source language to be translated into the target language to be translated. During this adaptation, the social, cultural and behavioral characteristics of individuals speaking that language should be taken into account, such as local measurement units and laws. This process is a kind of adaptation activity during. Therefore, there are some differences compared to translation. At this point, we should say that localization has different nuances than nationalization. It requires more skill and effort than nationalization. With the right localization, the person reading the content will not be exposed to ambiguity.

Localization Areas

Localization activities can often be used in website and content studies. In addition to this, localization is applied to the subtitles, which enable to follow the dialogues in foreign TV series and movies. Localization service can be preferred mostly for literary, medical, legal and academic texts. In addition, localization services are provided for the contents of art magazines, advertising texts, journalism and news. Localization is a service born as a result of globalization and the desire to address abroad. The aim of the brands to reach people with different geographies, cultures and lifestyles has increased the speed of the work. It has been observed that if the activities of the software used in many fields are not implemented, it does not attract attention in the countries where it is released Because the rate of use of incomprehensible applications is very low.

Considerations to be Taken into Account While Making Localization

In subtitles in foreign films and TV series, proverbs, idioms or important words should be translated in accordance with the culture of the country in which the target language is used. Mobile applications used on smart devices generally have many language options. However, it is of great importance to carry out localization studies while preparing language options. We, Alo Translate, carry out a very careful study within the scope of localization services in every field. Paying attention to word meaning and length can be effective in the success of application localization. In addition to cultural influences, taking into account the professional factors in the application or the area where the software is used is effective in the success of localization. Localization in computer games is very effective in the success of the game.

The Importance of Translation Company Choice in Localization

Localization provides many benefits to companies. One of these benefits is to increase customer satisfaction. Localization ensures that the product or content adapts to market conditions and reduces cultural barriers. It helps more consumers know about products and increase your customer base Adapting existing products and ingredients to new markets through localization is the key to global growth. Therefore, it contributes to entering new markets much faster. Thus, the customer scale is also expanded. Thanks to localization, you have the chance to develop a user experience suitable for a diversified customer base. Accordingly, you can increase your overall customer returns. As Alo Translate, we are working to provide all of these advantages to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alo Translate which conducts its operations in accordance with the requirements of ISO 27001 Data Security Management System (BGYS) Standard, provides secure and safe translation services in accordance with the principles of high-quality and professionalism at all steps of the translation.

In addition to the traditional working hours, we provide translation services 24/7 through our communication channels for our global customers. It is one of corporate priorities to be accessible at all times.

Our corporation has 17100:2015 Translation Services high-quality System, 9001:2015 high-quality Management System and 10002:2014 Customer Satisfaction Management System certificates and provides localization services according to these standards.

We monitor all the processes for your translation requests requiring notary, apostille (annotation of ratification), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy and Consulate approvals and we provide our services as your solution partner.

In addition to the primary areas offered in this industry such as legal, technical, medical, academic, literary, and commercial translations, we provide localization services for all sub-areas of the industry and create specific solutions for your requests.

We also provide translation and localization services in languages that are spoken less frequently and that are less demanding in translation, especially in the most widely spoken languages in the world.

In addition to the option of payment with credit card after you place an order through the send file module located in our website, you can also pay for Lithuanian language translation services through secure payment channels such as EFT, transfer, mailorder, Western Union, Payoneer after contacting us.

By clicking on the “Receive Offer Now” button located on the homepage of our website and uploading your file, you can view the price for your order after choosing language pairs, as well as contacting us through the communication channels located on our website (e-mail, phone, WhatsApp, Customer Services, vb.) and sending your file to us, you can receive information about localization price and duration.

Before placing an order, you can request trial translation for a section of your file up to 100 words.

Our company which provides its services globally, evaluates freelance translator applications and recruits translators who succeed in trial period. You can fill the required areas on our Human Resources page and send your CV to apply for a freelance translator position.

For documents that you upload to our system and sent to us through our communication channels, calculations are conducted in accordance with the language pair and word count and translation price is designated accordingly. Your requests such as sworn translation approval, notary approval, ministry approval, embassy approval and others, are evaluated separately. Your online and verbal translation requests such as consecutive, simultaneous and video conference translations are evaluated depending on the duration, scope and context of the work.

Alo Translate is a member of the International Translators Federation (ULÇEF) and ANKAÇED Translators Association.