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Maritime Translation

As we all know, 80% of the world is covered with water. This being the case, maritime has been one of the important intersection points of cultural communication, trade and globalization throughout history. It also brought together different disciplines. Maritime, which is important for the world, has its own language. It is also a very complex language, considering its terminology, technique, and engineering. For this reason, maritime translation differs from other language translations. Maritime translation includes technical subjects such as shipping and shipbuilding. In addition, there are different translations such as engineering, maritime law and trade. In such a case, maritime translations should be done by experts. For an accurate translation, it is necessary to work with experienced and professional people.

Professional Maritime Translation

The fact that a translation service is carried out by expert translators shows that the work is done professionally. However, with professional translation, the target language is transferred in a suitable way to the language to be translated. Thus, language-appropriate, fluent and understandable translation service is provided. Again, a disciplined translation service is provided. Therefore, translations are being provided on times. Maritime professional translation is a field that requires complete expertise. Maritime language, which includes completely technical, legal and commercial issues, is quite different. For this reason, the translator should have the necessary training and have a good command of international maritime concepts, abbreviations and terms. At the same time, the translator must be competent in technical matters in the maritime field. Thus, an error-free translation service can be provided.

How Does the Maritime Translation Process Work?

Alo Translate is a corporation that has been providing professional translation services for a long time. One of the biggest goals of our company is always providing customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is one of the most popular translation companies in the sector with its customer-oriented work. During your maritime translation process, you work with experts in the field. Our maritime translators are made up of people who have received the necessary training. At the same time, they gained experience and competence by doing various practices. In the maritime translations you will make with our company, technical and engineering subjects, terms and legal texts are translated. We make a plan according to the delivery day you want. At this stage, you can follow the status of your translations. Thus, you can find out what condition the translations are in, whether they are incomplete or wrong.

Our firm is known for its professionalism within the scope of translation services. That’s why you can be sure that the necessary care will be taken for the maritime translation you will have with Alo Translate. It delivers your translation as soon as possible with a dedicated and attentive work. At the same time, we have the necessary expert staff for maritime translations. In this way, the translations you want in the field of maritime are prepared professionally. Because translators working in companies providing services in the field of maritime translation are people who have received the necessary training. Again, they have gained experience with hundreds of translation services. Your translated texts are prepared, arranged, and delivered to you at the time you choose. You can also get a price quote in advance for the translations you will have with our company. Thus, you will not encounter any financial surprises at the end of the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alo Translate which conducts its operations in accordance with the requirements of ISO 27001 Data Security Management System (BGYS) Standard, provides secure and safe Maritime translation services in accordance with the principles of high-quality and professionalism at all steps of the translation.

In addition to the traditional working hours, we provide translation services 24/7 through our communication channels for our global customers. It is one of our corporate priorities to be accessible at all times.

Our corporation has 17100:2015 Translation Services high-quality System, 9001:2015 high-quality Management System and 10002:2014 Customer Satisfaction Management System certificates and provides maritime translation services according to these standards.

We monitor all the processes for your translation requests requiring notary, apostille (annotation of ratification), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy and Consulate approvals and we provide our services as your solution partner.

In addition to the primary areas offered in this industry such as legal, technical, medical, academic, literary, and commercial translations, we provide maritime translation services for all sub-areas of the industry and create specific solutions for your requests.

We also provide maritime translation services in languages that are spoken less frequently and that are less demanding in translation, especially in the most widely spoken languages in the world.

In addition to the option of payment with credit card after you place an order through the send file module located in our website, you can also pay for translation services through secure payment channels such as EFT, transfer, mailorder, Western Union, Payoneer after contacting us.

By clicking on the “Receive Offer Now” button located on the homepage of our website and uploading your file, you can view the price for your order after choosing language pairs, as well as contacting us through the communication channels located on our website (e-mail, phone, WhatsApp, Customer Services, vb.) and sending your file to us, you can receive information about the maritime translation price and duration.

Before placing an order, you can request trial translation for a section of your file up to 100 words.

Our company which provides its services globally, evaluates freelance translator applications and recruits translators who succeed in trial period. You can fill the required areas on our Human Resources page and send your CV to apply for a freelance translator position.

For documents that you upload to our system and sent to us through our communication channels, calculations are conducted in accordance with the language pair and word count and translation price is designated accordingly. Your requests such as sworn translation approval, notary approval, ministry approval, embassy approval and others, are evaluated separately. Your online and verbal translation requests such as consecutive, simultaneous and video conference translations are evaluated depending on the work’s duration, scope and context.

Alo Translate is a member of the International Translators Federation (ULÇEF) and ANKAÇED Translators Association.