The Impact of Technology on Translators

The Impact

of Technology on Translators

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Teknolojinin Etkisi

Today, with the development of machine translation systems, there is a misconception that the translation profession will disappear. The most important detail about software systems is that there is always a margin of error and the “as original it is” principle comes to the fore.

YSo software developers never promise more than they are. No matter how advanced machine translation may be, the developers will never take responsibility for the use of the software and will not give you any guarantees.

The reason for this is not that software systems cannot translate without errors, but that companies do not take this responsibility due to software marketing policies. Although the development of technology progresses beyond our imagination, human guarantee and responsibility processes outweigh at some points.

As long as a single language and a single mentality are not possible, people will always be needed at some point to ensure communication between them.

While the development of machine translation systems may not be able to take away the work of translators, it will certainly have an impact. In today’s translation industry, “post-editors” have emerged who check and correct machine translation according to certain standards, and then provide high-quality control services.

Maybe with the creation of services in different areas, job definitions can be expected to change. The detail that needs attention here is that the translator and the translation company can determine the process according to the service needs. International translation is handled professionally and acted accordingly. It has now become a part of the profession for translators to develop themselves in the most appropriate way to this process.

In the professional translation market, the companies they work with have an important role in this process as well as the translators. The fact that translation companies have defined service definitions while establishing a team, and that translators progress according to their duties in these service definitions are the most important steps to increase service high-quality in every aspect. Each team that develops its infrastructures depending on the development of technology can find the opportunity to grow further rather than disappear in this process.

What matters is how you use technology and how you improve yourself with it. When choosing a translator and a translation company, deciding according to technology compatibility will pave the way for a profitable shopping for you as a customer.

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