Time Management on Translation Projects

The most important criterion on translation projects is the delivery of the work when needed. If we consider of it as a production line, the previous stage must be completed in order for each stage to start, and the whole production line is interrupted at each delayed stage. Translation usually occurs as a part of this production line. In the process that starts with the service request, there might be factors that make the translation service time sensitive, such as the working hours of the requesters, the deadline, the printing process and the compliance with the shipping time. For instance, the receipt of the notarized document requested by the end of the day before the holiday or the translation of the requested documents for a truck waiting at the customs as soon as possible means that the work of the translator proceeds smoothly. In addition to these, not only from the perspective of the customer, also for a professional translation company, time management is very important in order to serve dozens of customers at the same time.

Time management is one of the most important parts of translation project management. A translation company that is not good at project management has difficulty in keeping up with the needs of its customers, wastes its workforce and becomes more accessible to make mistakes under workload because it does not plan well. The translation project manager has to consider every detail when choosing a translator, from who is qualified for that job, how long it takes to do it, and whether or not to get support from someone else. The compliance with the delivery time initiates with taking all the precautions in advance. In general, among the objectives of a commercial institution, it is an important principle to utilize the workforce and investment in the most optimal way as a standard. In an event that these details are not taken care of during the translation process, the production line will be disrupted and the process will suffer at many points. In addition to this, it is harmful to the business in many different ways, as it cannot bring in new jobs, as well as making a loss from the work at hand. On contrary to what it seems from the outside, professional translation management is made possible by the regular fulfillment of the responsibility of a complex process. Each artist has a different place in an orchestra, and no matter how skilled the artists are, the high-quality of the resulting music depends on the maestro’s experience and knowing their team well..