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When you have a text you want to translate, it can seem pretty easy to translate. So, how to translate texts in different formats? At this point, the transcription service will come into play. Transcribing is the transcription of messages and texts in different formats. Those formats can be an audio recording or a video image. Messages in such formats are transcribed through the transcription service and presented in a way that people can use. Generally, transcription services are used for audio or video recordings taken at conferences or meetings. However, depending on the situation, transcription services may be needed through different applications in different sectors. Whatever your needs may be, it is a fact that you are at the right address for transcription services.

Professional Transcription Service

As people’s global activities increase, their transcription service needs also increase as a result of these activities. Today, we can make voice or video calls with our distant partners and advance our business. Moreover, this situation is seen in many sectors from education to health, from literature to science. Therefore, professionalism is definitely needed in transcription services related to specific sectors. Professional transcription service is a type of service that has to be provided by expert translators who have mastered the material content. Our translator staff is specialized in such a way that they can perform the professional transcription processes needed in all these sectors. Moreover, this professionalism includes the option to follow the transcription processes instantly and get results quickly.

Professional Transcription Process 


there are two important situations that stand out in receiving the service. These are the high-quality of service and fast delivery. All of Alo Translate’s work in the sector is based on these two situations. That’s why, whatever the translation process, our success has made us the solution where you can find the high-quality and trust you are looking for. Our professional transcription process, like our other translation processes, starts with you sending the transcript to us. After the materials you sent are reviewed, information about the transcription process is shared with you and the transcription process begins. Throughout the process, we work to reach the result quickly and in line with your wishes.

For transcription, it is absolutely necessary to work with professional translators. When it comes to working with professional translators, the first company that will come to mind will be Alo Translate. This is because of the high-quality we offer to the customers we work with. The main determinants of this high-quality are that we manage the process in a very professional way and work with an expert staff. Being aware of the fact that speaking languages fluently is not a sufficient condition for transcription, we can deal with the issue in a multidimensional way. So our competence is out to be seen. All you have to do is contact us and share the documents you want to be transcribed. Thus, you can get price information in a short time and get your transcription done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alo Translate which conducts its operations in accordance with the requirements of ISO 27001 Data Security Management System (BGYS) Standard, provides secure and safe translation services in accordance with the principles of high-quality and professionalism at all steps of the translation.

In addition to the traditional working hours, we provide translation services 24/7 through our communication channels for our global customers. It is one of corporate priorities to be accessible at all times.

Our corporation has 17100:2015 Translation Services high-quality System, 9001:2015 high-quality Management System and 10002:2014 Customer Satisfaction Management System certificates and provides transcription services according to these standards.

We provide the necessary transcription control and approval service after determining a road map with you and finalizing the actions to be taken in your transcription works that need to be checked and edited.

In addition to the primary areas offered in this industry such as legal, technical, medical, academic, literary, and commercial translations, we provide transcription services for all sub-areas of the industry and create specific solutions for your requests.

We also provide transcription services in languages that are spoken less frequently and that are less demanding in translation, on top of providing in the most widely spoken languages in the world.

In addition to the option of payment with credit card after you place an order through the send file module located in our website, you can also pay for transcription services through secure payment channels such as EFT, transfer, mailorder, Western Union, Payoneer after contacting us.

By clicking on the “Receive Offer Now” button located on the homepage of our website and uploading your file, you can view the price for your order after choosing language pairs, as well as contacting us through the communication channels located on our website (e-mail, phone, WhatsApp, Customer Services, vb.) and sending your file to us, you can receive information about transcription price and duration.

Before placing an order, you can request trial translation for a section of your file up to 100 words.

Our company which provides its services globally, evaluates freelance translator applications and recruits translators who succeed in the trial period. You can fill the required areas on our Human Resources page and send your CV to apply for a freelance translator position.

For documents that you upload to our system and sent to us through our communication channels, calculations are conducted in accordance with the language pair and word count and translation price is designated accordingly. Your requests such as sworn translation approval, notary approval, ministry approval, embassy approval and others, are evaluated separately. Your online and verbal translation requests such as consecutive, simultaneous and video conference translations are evaluated depending on the work’s duration, scope and context.

Alo Translate is a member of the International Translators Federation (ULÇEF) and ANKAÇED Translators Association.