Why Quality Translation?

Every translation, regardless of the request, is a responsibility. Both the translator and the translation corporation, provides a valid output regarding the nature of the work. Possible errors do not only effect the customer, it also effects the translation corporation as a result of their responsibilities. |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||Bu yüzden süreç kalitesini yönetmekle başlayan bu süreç profesyonel proje yönetimi, kriz yönetimi ve kalite yönetimi hep birlikte profesyonel hizmeti oluşturur. Çeviride kalite denetiminin birçok farklı yolu vardır. |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||The important factor is being able to meet the requirements of the customer with the best possible and suitable solutions. Of course, it is the right of the customer to access perfect translation in exchange for services bought, however, while it is not possible to achieve perfect product every single time, it is also not possible to achieve perfect service every time. A professional translation corporation, in consideration of this, emphasizes on quality management. With quality management, it is guaranteed to meet the requirements of the customer in the best possible manner. A portion of the price offered as translation price is used for quality management, ensuring a smooth process.

Quality is not only controlled prior to translations being delivered, preventative measures are also started at the beginning of the process and thus, error margin is minimized for the high quality services. While preventing loss of time, potential damages caused by errors are also prevented. Operating with such a process, allows us to better manage crises and to provide swift solutions. The most important reason for choosing professional translation offices is that the quality and crisis management are combined.
It is possible to encounter problems at every step, momentarily. A lot of potentials such as translator may become inaccessible because of health issues, translation file may get deleted as a result of some software problem, some physical accidents may occur in the office, etc. are also managed by the quality process as a part of crisis management. As a customer, you may not want to provide such detailed requests to lower the costs, but cost and risk are inversely proportional concepts, until there is an error. The risk you take lowers your costs proportionally, the greater the risk you the translation corporation with, the higher your starting costs will be. You can think of as having a automobile insurance, even though you have not been a part of an accident for many years.