What Computer Aided Translation [CAT] Tools do in translation stages?

What Computer Aided

Translation [CAT] Tools do in translation stages?

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Tercüme Cat Araçları Ne İşe Yarar

Although “Machine Translation” comes to mind when it comes to technology in translation; “Computer Aided Translation” softwares are also different professional software systems that improve the human translation of the translation industry. Known as the international abbreviation “CAT”, these software basically work on the basis of human translation and aim to minimize human errors and waste of time. It also helps to advance large-volume works in the fastest and highest quality manner by enabling many translators to work collectively at the same time in a controlled manner. Although there are hundreds of CAT software currently available, they can be grouped in a way that is prepared for many different fields.

For instance, it is possible to find closed-loop special systems in translation works where privacy and security are important, as well as web-based CAT systems working in general standard texts. The common logic of all systems is to present the text in front of the translator with a simple interface in all file formats containing text. In this way, errors that may arise in human translation can be prevented by carrying out basic controls, and it optimizes the cost-high-quality-speed cycle in regular works by creating special translation memories for each customer.

CAT systems are not limited to privacy and security. For example, let’s take publishing as an example. If you want to have a catalog translated into many different languages, it is almost impossible to find a publisher who knows every language or translators who can use desktop publishing software in the relevant languages. This is where CAT software comes in and offers you built-in texts in every language without breaking the designs for all print materials. This not only brings practicality to the translation company, but also guides the customer to the best service by saving money. It is possible to reproduce the examples by adapting them to the software industry. It is also possible with CAT to have the program you want translated into the language you want, without the need for translators to learn coding languages.

No matter how advanced computer-aided translation systems are, it is not yet possible to say that they are suitable for every job. The use of these systems for scanned documents of several pages and printed documents may not be very efficient in today’s conditions. For standard texts, the common archive model or printed document systems of translation companies come into play. The important thing is to determine which software you use is suitable for your needs and to prepare the most appropriate service process accordingly.

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